Our Mission

Enhance productivity and bring relief. 

What Do We Do At Taskable?


Our services are ideal for busy professionals seeking to grow their business. We can focus on all the essential, but less important tasks that you don’t have time for. Our services allow you to focus on what matters most – the big picture.

We provide standard administrative assistance as well as a variety of specialty services, including core business tasks. Our specialty services include a range of design and development tasks that elevate our work to the next level. We work with you to find the ideal virtual assistant for your needs – organizing interviews with our available virtual assistants until we find you the right match.


We are based in El Salvador. We provide Spanish-English virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs and business owners. Our virtual assistants are highly skilled in both clerical and specialized duties. We provide virtual assistance to professionals in many different areas, including: technology, real estate, consultancy, developers, advertising, personal assistance, and more.


Hiring a specialized VA allows you to outsource the items with which you struggle. You can trust that the tasks will be handled competently — maybe even better than you would have on your own. And it frees up a ton of your time to focus on things that you’re actually good at.


Ed Montes 

Irene Gutierrez
Co-Founder & Account Manager

Reyna Guerra
Admin Assistant & Consultation Specialist

Liliana Constanza
Blogger & Admin Assistant

Natalie Villagran
Translator specialist

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